Thursday, November 26, 2009

I've got the turkey in the oven...

But what I'm really excited about is Cyber Monday! Who cares about giving thanks and spending time with your friends and family when you can be shopping?

I've decided to skip Black Friday this year. Why? Because it's like the worst thing ever. Standing elbow-to-elbow in a herd of disgruntled shoppers willing to push you down and rip your head off just so they can buy the new iPod for half price is not exactly my idea of a good time...

With Cyber Monday I can skip the crowds and all of the fighting and running around and just sit in my pajamas and easily buy what I need. Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Just sitting back, relaxing, and buying what I need without all of the hassle. Why do it any other way?

Well, the turkey smells like it's starting to burn so I'm going to have to cut this post short right now and go tend to that. But I'm interested in what you guys are all doing today to celebrate, ummm, wait... What is Thanksgiving a celebration of again? Well, anyway, happy Thanksgiving!

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