Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Susan Boyle Isn't Ready To Be Forgotten Yet

It seems like people have really started to forget about Susan Boyle lately. Blame the insane media frenzy surrounding her over the past few months. Blame the fact that she hasn't been able to spread her wings and do what she wants to do, making her seem like a one-trick-pony (contractual obligations have prevented her from being able to sing ANY song that she didn't previously sing on Britain's Got Talent). Just don't blame HER. She didn't ask for any of this - She just wanted the opportunity to sing, get her beautiful voice heard, and maybe find some sort of audience. It's not her fault that the news media are vicious, hungry sharks just waiting for the next big thing that comes their way to feed on and suck completely dry.

Susan Boyle isn't going anywhere. With any luck she'll stop receiving news coverage every time she walks outside, and she'll definitely show us all why we liked her to begin with once her new CD comes out.

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